About Us

(Victory Logo)

STAYDRVN is designed to inspire Faith, Hope, Motivation and Self-Love. Our brand tells stories of our own struggles as well as the stories of other individuals and how we keep moving. We all battle our own demons whether it be drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide, gambling, bankruptcy, starting a business, finishing school and most of all relationships. Some of these battles we win and some we lose. 

So for our first and main line we created the OCMD (Overcoming My Demons) Collective. This line bluntly states that in life we all deal with our own inner struggles and some battles you Overcome and some battles you just simply don't, but you keep moving forward.

We believe God has a purpose for everything beyond what we are suppose to understand. However, it is what we choose to do in our moments of pain and struggle that creates "the moment" where we see what we are made of. So stand strong, keeping moving forward, make the hard decisions and most important trust the Big Man Upstairs. YOU GOT THIS!